Bridgepoint Cafe
& Catering

Bridgepoint Cafe & Catering I
5918 Courtyard Dr G-100
 Bridgepoint Plaza Complex   
(End of Parking Garage)

Bridgepoint Cafe & Catering II
6300 Bridgepoint Pkwy
Bridgepoint Square Complex
(Next to Gym)
**No Fried Foods**

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Today's Other Specials

Burger of the Day $7.29 (add drink $.99)
Buffalo Sauce and Blue Cheese

 Lite Lunch $5.89 
Veggie Quesadilla with spinach, mushrooms, onions and cheese with tortilla chips

Weight watchers $5.59
Tuna salad on mixed greens with tomatoes, cucumbers and crackers

  Baked potato loaded $5.45 or with chicken $6.45 

Gyro on Pita Bread $5.25
With lettuce, tomato, cucumber and hummus and tziki

Soup of the Day  Creamy chicken and rice
        ALL  Boar's Head Special Sandwiches are $6.29

Turkey Ruben:  Boar's Head Pastrami turkey, baby swiss, thousand island and kraut on marble rye

Bridgepoint Turkey:  Boar's Head Turkey, Chipotle gouda, chipotle mayo, spinach and tomato

Monster Muenster:  Sweet sliced ham with muenster cheese and spicy mustard 

**Letttuce and tomato available upon request****
                                Daily Specials 

                                    Plate Lunch 7.59    
  Add drink to specials for $.99

- Chopped steak topped with brown gravy, scalloped potatoes, cabbage with bacon and onions or garden salad with roll

Wednesday- Asian chicken and broccoli with low mien noodles, Asian salad and egg roll

Thursday- 3 Pork street tacos on corn tortillas with cilantro lime rice and Borracho beans

Friday- Baja crusted fish with chipotle mashed potatoes with green Chile corn and roll  

“Breakfast Specials”

Monday- 2 Tacos w/ drink $5.25

Tuesday- 2 French toast with bacon or sausage $4.25

Wednesday- 2 Biscuits and gravy with 2 eggs $5.00

Thursday 3 ingredient omelet with toast or biscuit $4.75

Friday- 2 Migas tacos with bacon with drink $5.25

Grab N Go Breakfast Tacos

2.00 cash or Gift Card

We Are proud to welcome
Addy's new baby boy(Cafe 2)
"Gabriel Franco"
Born on January  24th 10pm
6 pounds 12 oz.
Happy and Healthy!!

Keep on giving to our nourish the children foundation
YOU ARE  making a difference on child at a time!!
My new passion business has fed 54 million children in the past 30 years!!