Bridgepoint Cafe
& Catering

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Bridgepoint Cafe & Catering I
5918 Courtyard Dr G-100
 Bridgepoint Plaza Complex   
(End of Parking Garage)

Bridgepoint Cafe & Catering II
6300 Bridgepoint Pkwy
Bridgepoint Square Complex
(Next to Gym)
**No Fried Foods**

Online Ordering is simple!!

Click here to order at Bridgepoint Cafe 1
5918 West courtyard 

You can order your catering online too!
Box lunches,Appetizers,Fajitas,chicken wings,breakfast tacos and much more
(some may require 24 hrs. notice)

Click here to order at Bridgepoint Cafe 2
6300 Bridgepoint parkway next to Gym
Online orders have a 15 min time to prepare  

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Pork tamales  6 for  6.00!!

 Burger of the Day $7.29 (add drink $.99) 

Mushroom and Swiss

  Lite Lunch $5.89

2 Small handmade gorditas 
refried beans,picadillo beef,shredded lettuce,tomatoes,cheddar with small salad

#3 Weight watchers $5.59

Grilled Honey mustard chicken salad,tomatoes,cucumbers,cheddar topped with honey mustard

  #4 Baked potato loaded $5.45 or with chicken $6.45 

#5 Gyro on Pita Bread $5.25 (Chicken or Beef)

With lettuce, tomato, cucumber,hummus and tzatziki 

Soup of the Day

    Sausage and chicken jambalaya
~Made with Vitameal~
(all proceeds go to my charity Nourish the children) 

Gourmet Boar's Sandwiches $6.29
Maple turkey club :
Boars head turkey,bacon,American cheese,lettuce,tomatoes,onion and mayo

Bridgepoint Turkey:  Boar's Head Turkey, Chipotle gouda, chipotle mayo, spinach and tomato

Italiano :
Salami,pepperoni,picante provolone on hoagie or Sourdough

Turkey Cuban 
Jerk turkey,sweet sliced ham,pepperhouse gourmaise dressing,pickles on grilled hoagie 

**Lettuce and tomato available upon request****
                              Daily Specials      

#1) 7.59 #2) 6.99   Add Drink $0.99

Wednesday-1) Oven crispy Cajun chicken with creole mashed potatoes topped with spicy gravy with corn or salad with roll

2) Grilled bourbon chicken sandwich with fried onions and provolone with pasta salad or chips

Thursday-1) Green curry with pork, eggplant, zucchini, bamboo shoots over white rice with Asian salad and eggroll

2) Tuna melt with Swiss on rye with pasta salad or chips

Friday-1) Santa Fe chicken and pasta in spicy cream sauce with bell peppers, corn, black beans over penne pasta with fiesta salad, garlic bread

2) Chicken, mushroom, spinach quesadilla with tortilla chips

   We have a # 3 “Weight Watchers” for 5.29 and we also have a loaded   baked potato

            “Breakfast Specials”  

Monday- 2 Tacos w/ drink $5.25

Tuesday- 2 Pancakes, 2 Eggs w/Meat $5.50

Wednesday- Breakfast Sandwich on wheat or Texas toast with breakfast potatoes $3.75

Thursday – 2 ingredient omelette, potatoes and toast or biscuit $5.25

Friday- Migas Plate with Refried Beans, Bacon and 2 Tortillas $5.25