Bridgepoint Cafe
& Catering
   Bridgepoint Cafe& Catering  I                      Bridgepoint Cafe & Catering   II                           Bridgepoint Plaza Complex                                      
  Bridgepoint Square Complex
                      (  End of the parking garage )                                                                    ( next to gym) 
                  5918 West Courtyard dr. G-100                                                    6300 Bridgepoint parkway 78730
                   #1)   512 342-8817                                                              Building #2 suite 120
                                                                      #2) 512 502-0600 ( no fried foods) 
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Bridgepoint Café and Catering

Has a mission to feed a 1000 starving children by December 31st!!

1 bag of VitaMeal feeds one child for a month ~ 26.00 a bag~

You can also feed a family of four by adding fresh vegetables and fish

If you donate 1.00 you will be entered into a drawing for a 10.00 gift card.

Drawing held every Monday until Dec 31st!!

Your name will be on our website as the hero of the week!!

We will also be giving half price antioxidant scans to anyone that donates $5.00 

 $20 value in any Dr. Office In the country

 I have 1 of 5 in the city of Austin!!

So far we have raised over 1850.00 !!
I sent the 14 bags to a little town in Arkansas where poverty is the norm...
We received a generous donation of $1000.00 from a local company!!  This donation will help us continue to provide VitaMeal to needy children

Keep on giving YOU ARE  making a difference on child at a time!!
My new passion business has fed 53 million children in the past 30 years!! 

   If you care about your health!! ask me how to see how healthy you are!! 
20.00 health scans daily at #1 !!
Whats your score!?

    Check us out on for your catering needs!!

Family Style Meals to go!! Pick up the menu at the                            cash register                                                       

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We also have Chameleon Cold brewed Coffee
$3.99 bottle

Today's Other Specials

Burger of the Day w/20 oz. drink $7.99 
Bacon and Cheddar
Lite Lunch $5.69
Grilled Veggie Sandwich on wheat with provolone, mushrooms, onions and spinach with garden salad
Weight watchers $5.29
16 points Spanish Chicken Rice Bowl: Spanish rice topped with mixed greens, tomatoes and chicken Add Cheese $.59
Baked potato loaded $5.25 or with chicken $6.25
Soup of the Day - White Chicken Chili  

                   ALL NEW !! Boar's Head Sandwiches
Mona Lisa: Boar's Head Everroast chicken, Havarti dill cheese, roasted red peppers, baby spinach and pesto mayo
Smokehouse Griller:  Mesquite wood smoked turkey, Habanero ham, Chipotle gouda and Pepperhouse gourmaise

                                      Daily specials

   #1) 8.29   #2) - $7.79
   Specials served with drink

Friday- 1) 2 Chipotle chicken tacos on corn or flour tortillas with lettuce, tomato, cheese with Spanish rice and refried beans and drink

2) Chipotle Chicken Burrito with lettuce, tomatoes, beans and sour cream with tortilla chips and a drink

      We have a # 3 “Weight Watchers” for 5.29 and we also have loaded baked potato $5.25





“Breakfast Specials”

Monday:  2 Tacos with 20oz. drink $5.25

Tuesday:  2 French toast on Sourdough bread $3.50 add meat $4.25

Wednesday:  Breakfast scrambler-2 eggs, potatoes, cheddar choice of meat scrambled together with choice of toast or biscuit $3.25

Thursday:  Breakfast sandwich on Texas toast or wheat egg, cheese, bacon, ham or sausage with drink $3.99

Friday:  2 ingredient omelet, potatoes and toast or biscuit $5.25


Grab N Go Breakfast Tacos

   2.00 cash or Gift Card     8:00-10:00